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Hydrocarbons Overview

Brian Evans, Managing Director - Hydrocarbons

We deliver a range of services to the hydrocarbons market. Those services span the upstream,mid-stream and downstream sectors, from early conceptual studies to the execution ofmega projects and include asset management andenhancement programs.

BP Relationship Strengthened through Environmental and Consulting Services MSAs

BP’s two Master Service Agreements (MSAs) pre-quality WorleyParsons to support BP anywhere in the world

WorleyParsons has been providing project delivery services to BP for over 30 years and currently has three long-term relationship-based global agreements in place.

Customer: BP Remediation Management
Project: Environmental Services Master Services Agreements
Location: North America and Most of World

In the period 2007 to 2009 WorleyParsons and INTECSEA were selected by BP as one of three preferred global contractors in BP’s effort to build strategic relationships with fewer key suppliers, thus maximizing standardization for the purpose of delivering safer high-quality designs and achieving a higher efficiency.

“It’s important that we can work with a company where we can trust its management systems, its processes, and its connectivity globally; that’s the type of company we want to work with”, says Neil Shaw, BP’s Chief Operating Officer, Projects, “And equally, we want to reciprocate so that our suppliers experience the same BP in one part of the world to another part of the world.”

Building on this relationship over the past two years, BP awarded WorleyParsons four environmental services framework agreements—Windmill (North America) and Atlas (Rest of World) for broad environmental and consulting services, and Lighthouse (North America and Rest of World) for oil spill planning and response. Collectively these are the equivalent of two global master services agreements (MSAs) that pre-qualify WorleyParsons to support BP anywhere in the world.

WorleyParsons is leveraging its global reach to deliver projects within these MSAs, as each work release assignment will be locally managed with global and regional expertise available to support the efforts. Each MSA has a framework of common processes, procedures, templates, and reporting for health, safety, security and environment, quality and social performance excellence. This strategy ensures consistent performance along with consolidated reporting and metrics, while embedding and applying BP’s policies and standards.

These awards follow 20 years of supporting BP in managing remediation programs in Canada. The consulting and planning MSAs now put WorleyParsons in a position to leverage our relationship and continue supporting BP through oil spill preparedness and response, crisis and continuity management planning, restoration and remediation services on a global basis.

“As a customer, you don’t forget when a contractor is really able to support you; when a partnership goes beyond the transactional nature of a contract to build up a relationship that helps both companies perform better. Performance is actually quite a broad concept of the quality of services, the quality of resources and the competitiveness of the deal, but there is also an intangible element that allows us to develop a different relationship based on integration at the strategic level,” says Neil Shaw.“As a customer, you don’t forget when a contractor is really able to support you; when a partnership goes beyond the transactional nature of a contract to build up a relationship that helps both companies perform better. Performance is actually quite a broad concept of the quality of services, the quality of resources and the competitiveness of the deal, but there is also an intangible element that allows us to develop a different relationship based on integration at the strategic level,” says Neil Shaw.

Integrated Rosebank Team brings Improved Efficiencies for Chevron

Chevron’s Rosebank Development,Northwest of Shetland Islands

WorleyParsons Group is dedicated to bringing our customers value through strategic partnerships and long-term relationships, as seen through our Strategic Contractor Relationship (SCR) with Chevron.

Customer: Chevron North Sea Limited
Project: Rosebank Development
Location: West of Shetlands, United Kingdom

We have more than 40 years of experience working with Chevron and have executed their projects on six continents over the last five years.

In October 2010, WorleyParsons Group was contracted to complete an extensive pre-FEED of Chevron’s Rosebank development, a deepwater facility located in approximately 1,130 meters of water in the harsh environment northwest of the Shetland Islands. WorleyParsons and INTECSEA seamlessly integrated their respective analytical capabilities and technical expertise to successfully deliver pre-FEED for the full field facilities including topside, hull, marine, mooring, subsea and gas export systems. This success enabled WorleyParsons to effectively bid and win the FEED in a competitive tender, and work on the FEED started in July 2012. The FEED scope included topside, hull, marine systems, mooring, and riser systems along with associated subsea systems.

Rosebank FEED execution strategy was further enhanced by employing a “One Team” approach by co-locating all team members in a single office – Chevron, WorleyParsons and INTECSEA. This integrated project execution approach demonstrated increased efficiencies by reducing external interfaces, review cycles and decision making timescales, allowing for accelerated FEED delivery while maintaining the highest levels of safety and quality.

Chevron’s Rosebank Facilities project manager, Alan Scott commented, “On the Rosebank project, Chevron has realized cost and schedule savings from WorleyParsons’ integrated execution through improved efficiency and fewer interfaces. The co-located team has benefitted from improved communications and increased collaboration, which are essential for ensuring schedule preservation.”

The close alignment and collaboration between Chevron and WorleyParsons and our proven ability to ensure high-quality integrated design delivery within a tight schedule has led to our consideration as the potential Detail Design and Procurement sub-contractor for the execution phase of the project.

Power Overview

Andy Cole, Managing Director - Power

We offer a range of services across the power generation, transmission and distribution value chain, from conventional technologies such as fossil and nuclear power generation through to recent developments including renewable energy, advanced coal and smart grid. We work with our customers on all stages of the asset lifecycle, including early planning, project delivery, facility start-up and asset management, operation and maintenance.

Nuclear Power in Europe


Over the past ten years, WorleyParsons has been prominently involved in most of the nuclear new build projects in Europe.

Over the past ten years, WorleyParsons has been prominently involved in most of the nuclear new build projects in Europe. WorleyParsons European Nuclear hub, based in Sofia, in cooperation with the US Nuclear hub, based in Reading, have been supporting the nuclear programs of countries with existing nuclear programmes such as Bulgaria, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Armenia, as well as nuclear ‘new comers’ such as Jordan, Egypt and Turkey.

In February 2013, following a 2-year selection process, WorleyParsons has been selected in a public procurement procedure by PGE EJ 1 sp z o. o. to provide services related to site characterization, licensing and permitting for the development of the first Polish Nuclear Power Plant with generating capacity of approximately 3,000 MW. The services will involve work on two potential sites. WorleyParsons’ European Nuclear hub is leading the effort.

Operate and maintain a new power station for BHP


Transfield Worley Power Services (TWPS), the joint venture company between Transfield Services and WorleyParsons, has secured a seven year contract to operate and maintain BHP Billiton’s new 190MW combined cycle Yarnima power station near Newman in the Pilbara, WA.

TWPS will provide comprehensive operations and maintenance services for BHP Billiton at Yarnima, with all power station staff to be provided by TWPS. Once commissioned, the Yarnima power station will consist of three gas turbines (three Siemens SGT800 gas turbines), each fitted with heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), plus two steam turbines (two Siemens SST400 steam turbines) in combined cycle, along with other auxiliary plant (water treatment facilities, transformers, etc).

This latest contract brings the total number of power generation sites under care by TWPS to 33 sites nationally (including two Pilbara contracts).

Minerals, Metals & Chemicals Overview

Mark Southey, Managing Director - Minerals, Metals & Chemicals

We deliver a range of services to the minerals, metals and chemicals markets, including in relation to alumina, base metals, precious metals, coal, iron ore and chemicals. The services we offer include preparing conceptual and feasibility studies, front–end engineering design, project–delivery services and Improve services.

Celanese Fairway Methanol Project

Celanese Project

An abundance of low cost natural gas feedstocks in the U.S. has resulted in a competitive advantage for chemical manufacturers such as Celanese Corporation, which has invested in a new1.3 million ton per annum methanol production facility.

The methanol will be used as feedstock to support Celanese’s operations at its integrated acetyls chemical plant in Clear Lake, Texas.

The project, known as Fairway Methanol, will expand the Celanese Clear Lake operations to include the strategic upstream production of methanol. The attractive economics of natural gas in the U.S. Gulf Coast region, combined with existing infrastructure and an outstanding strategic partner in Mitsui & Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan, provides Celanese with this unique growth opportunity. The methanol unit is scheduled to begin operations in mid-2015.

Due to the successful earlier completion of the FEED by WorleyParsons, our Houston office has commenced the execution of the EPCM phase with workshare support from Beijing for the Inside Battery Limits (ISBL) engineering and procurement planning. To ensure project continuation and efficiency in delivery, a joint WorleyParsons/Celanese ‘task force’ was established with a clear focus to optimize the application of in-depth knowledge and understanding by the team, take advantage of strong local experience with close proximity to the site, and most importantly to successfully leverage our 10-year, long-standing relationship with Celanese via our China operations, where we will continue to deliver value and innovation to the Fairway Methanol project.

Bakubung Platinum Mine

Bakubung Platinum Mine

WorleyParsonsTWP has been appointed EPCM contractor for Wesizwe Platinum’s circa A$1b Bakubung Platinum mine.

We are responsible for all surface project work, terraces, offices, electrical facilities, winder houses, shafts, headgears, ventilation fans, refrigeration plant and compressors, as well as all ancillary work including workshops, storage facilities, security facilities and access roads under a full EPCM contract.

Development of the Bakubung mine is progressing well and the project remains within budget and on schedule. The main headgear, at a height of 83 m, has been successfully erected ahead of schedule to access the reef in the shortest possible timeframe.

Main sink activities have commenced for the main and ventilation shafts, which will reach depths of 1 000 m and 930 m respectively. First station breakaway (just below 700 m) is scheduled to start in January 2014.

WorleyParsonsTWP is also working on a mining optimisation programme, looking at ways to increase mining efficiency, due for completion by the end of 2013. Furthermore, WorleyParsonsTWP was awarded the order to complete a concentrator plant optimisation study to take the plant up to FEED level by June 2014 ready for the later concentrator plant construction.

Infrastructure & Environment Overview

Andy Cole, Managing Director - Infrastructure & Environment

Our Infrastructure & Environment business offers a range of services in water, environment, transport, ports and marine terminals, geosciences, master planning and restoration. Of those services, our management of approvals, stakeholders, logistics, costs, schedules, operability and maintenance is key to providing our customers with assured delivery and performance.

Hydro Power and Environment in Brazil


Over the past 50 years, CNEC WorleyParsons has been prominently involved in most of the hydroelectric power plant projects in South America, especially in Brazil.

Over the past 50 years, CNEC WorleyParsons has been prominently involved in most of the hydroelectric power plant projects in South America, especially in Brazil. The services cover the entire lifecycle of projects since the river basin inventory, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment, cost estimating as part of our Select business line, passing through basic and detail design, the implementation of social and environmental mitigation programs and PCM into our Deliver phase and maintaining our Improve business supporting our customers in the operation and maintenance phase with environmental monitoring and refurbishment projects.

We are proud to follow projects during the entire lifecycle as a result of our successful deliverables. That is the case of our current 4-year contract in Brazil that includes the implementation and management of 43 social and environmental mitigation programs for the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant, including resettlement plan; urban and rural infrastructure recovery plan; support for leisure and tourism activities; environmental education program; support program for neighbouring communities and the family subsistence production; public health plan; social compensation; support for commercial activities and services affected beyond others.

The Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant has a planned installed capacity of 11,233 megawatts (MW) that makes it the second largest hydroelectric dam in Brazil and the third largest Hydro development in the world behind the Three Gorges (China) and Itaipu (Brazil-Paraguay) Dams.

CNEC WorleyParsons has been involved with this project since the 1980s with the inventory and feasibility studies. From 2005 through 2010 it played a significant role in the overall project approval managing a review of the Inventory Studies, the Integrated Environmental Assessment of the Xingu river basin, an Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA), Social Communication Plan and Indigenous People Studies, which met the requirements of several Brazilian Agencies such as IBAMA and FUNAI, Environmental Agency and Indigenous People Agency, respectively.

Between 2010 and 2011, WorleyParsons supported the customer to grant the Installation License with a contract that included detailing social and economic mitigation programs envisaged in the Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) and provided elements to make the installation of the construction site and supporting infrastructure possible.

The ongoing engagement in the Belo Monte project is a testimony to the skill and capability of our CNEC WorleyParsons team and the value that has been provided to the client, environmental, and community stakeholders over the last 8 years.

Total Water Solutions


Water is an integral part of our customer’s operations with significant quantities of water managed through the asset life-cycle. It is becoming increasingly important to deliver water management in an integrated way to maximize efficiency and reduce project costs and risks.

Water is an integral part of our customer’s operations with significant quantities of water managed through the asset life-cycle. It is becoming increasingly important to deliver water management in an integrated way to maximize efficiency and reduce project costs and risks.

Total Water Solutions combines in-house water engineering and resource specialists with WorleyParsons’ understanding of hydrocarbon, mining and power industry expectations. Our customers are requiring more demanding, innovative and holistic water solutions across their business lines to continue meeting performance standards. More operators are looking to saline sources and greater re-use and recycling of produced water and wastewater.

Sourcing reliable water supplies, gaining and maintaining the social and environmental licenses to employ this key resource, increasing water use efficiency, selecting between treatment options and determining the optimal disposal schemes are some of the challenging water issues facing our customers today.

For our mining customers this can include the provision of a full delivery capability (engineering, procurement, construction and operation). For conventional and unconventional oil and gas developments, water supply for reservoir stimulation or hydraulic fracturing and the treatment and disposal of the large volumes of produced water are critical considerations. Both sectors require expertise for water infrastructure and total water management practices that adequately satisfy regulatory requirements and thorough community scrutiny.

Our involvement with BP Khazzan’s tight gas project in Oman is an example of applying the Total Water Solutions approach. This flagship unconventional gas project for BP, designed to use more than 300 gas wells with gas production targeted at 1200mscfu makes this one of the largest standalone unconventional gas projects in the world and one that will be established in a remote, hyper arid setting with virtually no existing infrastructure. WorleyParsons led the appraisal, options selection and FEED into execution for all water systems and were able to develop an integrated solution for wastewater, source water, treatment, field distribution and control. The selected water system represents the optimum for efficiency, reliability, sustainability, cost and engineering factors. The scope included hydrogeological investigations and modeling, desalination, treatment technology review, water systems modeling, reuse, re-injection, disposal and establishment of project water management and monitoring systems. By building an integrated water management team we could offer BP integrated solution support for full field development and exploration challenges.


Services revenue from external customers:1    
Asia and China 460.3 542.2
Australia and New Zealand 1,501.7 1,790.0
Canada 2,581.7 1,832.1
Europe 721.7 635.1
Latin America 408.3 207.8
Middle East, North Africa and India 1,277.4 812.0
Sub-Saharan Africa 194.0 162.9
United States of America and Carribean 1,666.3 1,488.4
Total Revenue from external customers 8,811.4 7,389.5
Non-current assets by geographical location:2    
Asia and China 113.0 96.3
Australia and New Zealand 303.8 272.0
Canada 1,055.3 969.3
Europe 114.8 87.3
Latin America 191.8 197.7
Middle East, North Africa and India 5.7 6.6
Sub-Saharan Africa 265.9 70.3
United States of America and Carribean 320.5 293.6
Non-current assets by geographical location 2,370.8 1,993.1

1 Revenue is attributed to the geographic location basd on the location of the entity providing the services and includes professional services revenue, procurement revenue and construction and fabrication revenue.

2 Excludes derivative financial instruments and deferred tax assets.

Hydrocarbons Completed Project
Case Studies
1 Chevron FEED for the Rosebank field
2 BP Iraq NV, PetroChina and the State Oil Marketing Organisation of the Republic of Iraq Engineering, procurement and management services for the Rumaila oilfield
3 Saudi Arabian Oil Company General engineering and project management service contract
4 LukOil Mid-East Limited Project management, technical and construction supervision services.
5 Maersk Detailed design of Phase 2 with NIPIneftegas
6 Singapore LNG Corporation Expansion of the LNG Terminal send out and storage capacities
7 CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited Detail design, site engineering services and home office engineering services.
8 Canadian National Resources Limited Engineering services, bitumen production department
9 Inpex Integrity and maintenance contract
10 Talisman EPMS
11 Husky Engineering and procurement
12 ConocoPhillips Engineering Services
13 Suncor EP on SSP Firebag Plant 91,92 and 93
14 Suncor EP on SSP Base Plant
15 Talisman Engineering and procurement
16 Shell Project management, technical and construction services
17 Suncor Energy, Total E&P Canada Ltd. and Teck Resources Ltd. Detailed engineering services for the Fort Hills Oil Sands Project
18 Total Significant change order for Joslyn North Mine Extraction Project
19 Maersk General Design Contract for engineering support to the offshore asset
20 Saudi Arabian Oil Company Engineering and project management services for offshore green and brownfields projects
21 Samsung Heavy Industries Detailed design and engineering for the topsides process modules of the Total Egina FPSO vessel
22 Chevron Brownfield engineering services
23 Addax Petroleum Global alliance agreement
Minerals, Metals & Chemicals Completed Project
Case Studies
1 BHP Biliton Project management and engineering services for the Escondida Mine
2 Pacific Aluminium Pipeline and gas conversion
3 Ma’aden Phosphate Improve services
4 Emirates Aluminium PMC services
5 Votorantim Metals Detailed engineering services
6 Nyrstar Replacement study for Sinter Plant
7 Ressources d’Arriane Feasibility services
8 Alderon Iron Ore Corporation Preliminary engineering services for Alderon Kami Iron Ore Project
9 Dynasol EPCM
10 Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Basic engineering package and preliminary design package
11 MEC Global Production of Ingot/Wafers for Solar Cells
12 Invista Engineering services
13 Momentive Basic engineering package and preliminary design package
14 Honeywell EPCM
15 Stepan Chemical Chemicals plant sustaining capital EPCM
16 Newcrest EPCM
17 Xstrata Master services agreement
18 Ma'aden Phosphate Engineering services
19 Boyne Smelters EPCM
20 BASF Front end engineering for EOCG plant
21 BASF Front end engineering for NPG plant
22 BASF FEED for the greenfield resin plant
23 BASF Front end engineering
24 Anglo American PFS for expansion of Phosphate Fertilizer Plants
25 Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional Scoping study for the expansion of the Casa de Pedra Mine
26 First Quantum Metals Ltd Kansanshi Copper Smelter Project
27 Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners St. Ann’s Bauxite Production and Export Improvement Program
28 Celanese EPCM
29 PT Vale Indonesia Indonesian growth project
30 Vale Overflow engineering services
31 BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Definition Phase Study for the Acid Plant Expansion
32 Sasol Integrated program management team services for the FEED phase
33 Vale Detailed design of the ore processing facilities
34 Iowa Fertilizer Company Technical PMC and detailed design
Infrastructure & Environment Completed Project
Case Studies
1 Chevron Environmental panel contract
2 Woodside Environmental services panel
3 BP Lighthouse – global remediation management framework agreement
4 BP Atlas – global remediation management contract
5 Tullow Oil Environment, Safety and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) Global Framework
6 Water Corporation Infrastructure panel contract
7 Alderon Mining Rail and terminal expansion pre-feasibility
8 Consórcio Complexo Tapajós Environmental impact assessment for Sao Luiz do Tapajos dam
9 Caltex Kurnell port and berthing project
10 Ecopetrol Refineria del Pacifico port and marine pre-FEED
11 Wafra Joint Operations Integrated master plan
12 Rio Tinto Koodaiderie hydrology studies
13 Enbridge Remediation program
14 Chevron Onslow water infrastructure upgrade project
15 Australia Pacific LNG  Receiving environment monitoring program
16 Government of Timor-Leste Tasi Mane Project
17 Port of Los Angeles Contaminated soil remediation 
18 ASTAD Project Management / Economic Zone Company Master planning and engineering consultancy
19 BP Windmill framework agreement
20 Norte Energia S.A Coordinate and deploy environmental socio-economic plans for Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant
Power Completed Project
Case Studies
1 US Government - Department of Energy (DOE) - National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Technical and engineering services
2 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Owners engineering services for repowering projects
3 Calpine Corporation Alliance engineering services
4 Arizona Public Service Alliance engineering services
5 Southern California Edison Owner's engineering and design services, provision of techical support of electrical transmission and distribution systems
6 Tennessee Valley Authority Plant outage and support
7 Fortescue Metals Group Solomon Mine Power Station operations and maintenance
8 Southern Co Detailed engineering
9 Polska Arupa Energetyczna Site characterization and licensing/permitting services
10 Kozlody Nuclear Power Plant Operational safety review
11 Akkuyu NGS Elektrik Üretim Anonim Sirketi Consultancy services for Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant
12 Saudi Electric Company Master services agreement
13 Saudi Electricity Company Integrated EPCM services contract
14 BHP Billiton Operations and maintenance